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Harvey Nash IT Consulting N.V [Belgium]
Allan Marinelli has represented “Harvey Nash” as a Senior Quality Assurance Engineering Management Consultant in Europe since 2009 and I highly recommend him to any potential employers who want reliable results in an efficient manner. Allan Marinelli is highly motivated and functions on a high ethical standard. Anyone who truly knows Allan Marinelli will be happy to do business with" 
Giuseppe Montante [ Harvey Nash Account Manager; Harvey Nash has hired him more than once since 2009]”" 
Quality Validation 360 Inc Clients
Quality Validation 360 Inc takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients to design custom solutions that exceed expectations. 
Allan Marinelli has currently 26 received recommendations ranging from peers to his competitors to his direct line of management reporting in the Linkedin Platform https://www.linkedin.com/in/allanmarinelli
We are proud to share some testimonials from our clients indicated below:
GSK-Bio [Wavre/Rixensart Belgium]
Allan Marinelli has worked for 2 months as a newly created position at GSK [Belgium] titled “Quality Assurance Coach Specialist” in which he was directly reporting to me. Allan demonstrated that he masters the Validation and Quality Assurance expertise during his work at GSK from May to June 2011– Guy Godeau, QA Director at GSK-BIO [Belgium]

Black Diamond Networks [United States]
 Allan Marinelli has been working as a Consultant for Black Diamond Networks at Merck for over a year. He has been working on their Primaxin Upgrade and Primaxin for Recovery projects. Allan has contributed to the design review process, mentored junior/senior process engineers and authored test scripts for process and equipment validation protocols (IQ, OQ and PQ). He has also been responsible for approving site process equipment validation protocols. Allan does what he says he is going to do and exceeds client expectations. I have no doubt he will do the same if the opportunity exists for other clients. He has been extended numerous times at Merck and continues to be an asset for the team. 

I would be willing to rehire Allan and hope to continue working with him for years to come. 

You can reach me 978-474-9980978-474-9980 

Yours Sincerely, 
Mike Caprioglio 
Senior Technical Recruiter [April 28-2013]
Service Category: Validation Engineer
Year first hired: 2012
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity