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Quality Validation 360 Inc.[QV360]
Quality Validation 360 Inc [QV360] was registered in Stateline, Nevada, United States in 2011 [Works/Resides anywhere at client Site from Boston to California or Europe to Asia], and almost immediately after the company was registered, QV360 begun to conduct business with their first client Harvey Nash IT [Europe, Belgium] at the GSK-BIO Belgium Site and acted as a "Coach Mentor Quality Assurance Specialist Consultant". 

Allan Marinelli is the President/CEO of Quality Validation 360 Incorporated and his synopsis is indicated below:


​Allan Marinelli has published Fifteen (15) Peer Reviewed Publications With Institute of Validation Technology Network which has been subsequently acquired by BioProcess International in 4th quarter of 2022 including numerous publications for the publisher shown in [ x] on the right side:
(1)Pharmaceutical Online [12],
(2)Life Science Leader Online [6]
(3)Out Sourced Pharma Online [11]
(4)BioProcessing Online [13]
(5)Med Device Online [2]
(6)BioSimilar Development Online[2]
(7)Cell and Gene Online [1]
(8)Laboratory Network Online[2]

About the President/CEO [Allan Marinelli] of Quality Validation 360 Inc:




Currently published 70 Peer Reviewed Publications: Some are indicated below

(1) Authored one chapter titled "Procudure for Spray Coverage Testing with Riboflavin" in Cleaning and Cleaning Validation. Volume 2. Applications of Basics and Principles, both published in PDA and DHI publishing in spring 2013.

(2)   One (1) Peer Reviewed Publication With American Society for Quality (ASQ) in the Quality Progress (Section: Quality in the First Person) is indicated below:

(3) One Peer Reviewed Publication With Concordia University Alumni Association (Winter Edition 2015) in the “Setting an Example” section is indicated below: